Our Approach For Your Business


Many business owners reach a point in the evolution of their business where material success is no longer the end goal. While this sense of accomplishment is cause for celebration it may also be accompanied by anxiety and unanswered questions. Reaching a significant milestone of success need not be a reason for retirement or decline. It is in fact an opportunity for new beginnings – to pursue a lifelong dream, enjoy what life has to offer, and to take the best of you and all of your collective experiences into the second half of life.

Working on business transition planning involves the art of navigating complex organizational politics and family dynamics. Our role is that of planner, coordinator, mentor and guide. Once we have worked with you to develop a plan, assisted by other professionals, we can also help realize your vision, with appropriate financial services, products and comprehensive services.

Our approach is collaborative: we are on your team, along with your attorney(s), accountant and other advisors. On occasion we have found that you may need help with complicated relationships with family members or management.

We do our best work with businesses that are within 5 to 10 years of transition, however we also work with business owners who'd like to retire tomorrow, to prepare a proper business exit strategy or map the best method to help ensure a successful business transition.