Our Story


In guiding our clients through critical conversations that can help them leave the legacy they envision, we are fortunate to do work that has deep meaning and gives us a sense of significance.

Our story is rooted in Kansas City, and in the family of the founder of our practice, John Degen. Both of John’s grandfathers and his father were very successful career insurance agents, setting the expectation that John would eventually enter the business. In 1987, John made the leap and launched his career in financial services – but on his own, insisting that he wanted to learn and practice independently first, before joining forces with his father. Sadly, a massive stroke prevented father and son from working together, underscoring in very real terms the need for succession planning.

Today, our practice focuses exclusively on the business transition needs of entrepreneurs. Over the years we have cultivated clients in the services, construction, manufacturing, medical and farming sectors, to name a few. All grapple with the same question: how best to prepare for a time when they are no longer at the helm.

We are all too aware that when it comes to the future of your business, weighty decisions need to be made. If you haven’t made them because they ‘feel too big,’ you are not alone. Our advice is to get started as soon as possible. Our clients have expressed to us a huge sense of relief once they set course.

Simply the act of exploration will empower you to take control of your future.